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06/23/18 - 8:30PM - Fruit Roll-Ups

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

Fruit Roll-Ups | PRIDE Party Brooklyn | An All Day & Night Celebration

Please come join us at Hotel RL for an event that lasts the whole day and night for everyone!

Below is the list of our itinerary for the big celebration.

D.J. Tom Kat will be spinning all day and night.

Our Co-Hosts will be: Matt Boner, Prizecilla, Albisexy, & Sloppyseconds

Do you know your partner??? 6:30PM-7:30PM

Twisted or Twisted!!! 7:30PM-8PM

Spin the Bottle with who??? 8:PM-8:30PM

Pin the tail on the …??? 8:30PM-9PM

Prizes will be given out during all activities. The prizes will range from free drinks and food to free night stays with us at Hotel RL Brooklyn.

Come for all of our featured events, and enjoy our all day/night specialty food and drink menu!