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05/03/17 - 7pm - Raven Cras

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

For teenage and adult women, this workshop views the casual mistreatment of women in relationships as a public health issue. We explore how a culture and our social buy-in normalizes emotional mistreatment of women while expecting their loyalty to the movement and harmful lovers. More importantly, this workshop produces self-care tips and the power of naming one's experience as a guide to collective healing and a radical shift to include emotional justice in our fight for liberation, using reflective activities such as:

Raven Cras is a poet, vlogger, survivor, community organizer and Spelman Graduate C’14. She teaches a feminist and social justice violence prevention model to young girls 12-18 leading them as Peer-Educators. She has lead workshops on intersectional identities in Black Queer spaces along with training LGBTQ homeless youth workers in understanding power and privilege. Her interpersonal experiences and intimate struggles in the Movement for Black Lives has lead her to creating a project exploring the need for emotional justice extended to Black women and thus her creation, “Self Care After Heartbreak: Where women come to heal".

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