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03/24/17 - 7PM - Brandon Mills

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

Brandon Mills is a talented artist based out of New York City.

His music has a unique way of combining earnest lyrical themes with grappling melodies to create vivid and emotionally charged storytelling. His style is personal and energetic, channeling the iconic charm of artists like James Dean, with the relatable song writing of greats like Jack Johnson, Ben Howard and Ben Harper.

The elegant simplicity of his tracks along with Brandon’s unique way of combining genres as diverse as pop, folk, blues and hip-hop make his music one of the most distinctive in the industry.

As a military Special Forces veteran and long time contributor to non-profit efforts around the globe, Brandon's life and music continue to positively influence society, calling those connected to his are to live life with a bigger purpose.

Brandon’s music is all about keeping people connected through positive vibes, conscious living, insightful lyrics and challenging the status quo.

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