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02/18/17 - 8PM - Tony Enos

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

Hailed as "the most exciting performer to come out of Philadelphia since Patti LaBelle" by, and dubbed "Artist To Watch" by the listeners of the 2016 Native Trailblazers radio show, Philadelphia born pop artist Tony Enos is leaving audience across the country spellbound. 

        His debut 2009 album "Did It Rite" was acclaimed as an indie triumph, but it was his 2012 sophomore CD entitled "The Heat" that made the Eastern Band Cherokee musician an indie breakout sensation. Inducing a national tour and making Enos one of the most sought after performers. 

         Ever the consummate activist, the Philly native volunteers and raises awareness and efforts for HIV/AIDS, Domestic Violence/IPV, youth issues, and Native American/First Nations/indigenous rights. He's currently a counsel member of the East Coast Two Spirit Society and actively involved in Two Spirit youth work, and healing intergenerational trauma.

         The electrifying entertainer is back to work in the studio, and promises to deliver his 3rd studio album in 2017, entitled "Killer Queen". Lighting up the stage or your speakers, Tony Enos' music and timeless lyrics will make you a fan of the "boy from Philly".

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