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3/2/2017 - 7PM - Nathan Couser

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

"Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed." - Booker T. Washington

Nate Couser is currently host of the creative and community driven online radio show, TheArtistExchange Radio Show. When most artist give up and choose the road most traveled, Nate forges on a path most would not ever dare to travel. He continues to fight for his dreams no matter the cost. He continues to carve out a path that focuses on bridging gaps and connecting the many perspectives’ of the arts. His background includes Radio personality, Director, stage manager, Visual Artist, Actor, Jewelry Designer, Event Planner, Hobby Chief, and Radio producer. He prides himself in being a Student of life, never being afraid to learn something new.

As an Artist, Nate has been able to travel and collect man resources and cultivate many friendships along the way. His many resources, connections and friendships, along with his instinctive ability to connect people, naturally lead him to Radio Personality. He in a short period has developed an interesting and natural ability to host a radio broadcast. He joined the Be Exposed Radio Station in 2014 and made it his home. has allowed him to be his creative self. TheArtistExchange Radio Show has allowed him to bridge all the many perspectives of his creative mind into a 2-hour format twice a week. In under a year he has been able to meet and cultivate many relationships with artists and community leaders from Baltimore, the DMV and beyond. Choosing an online station format has given him the ability to reach people all over the world without the restrictions of normal AM/FM stations. He has listeners from all over the United States and many other countries around the word that listen into his show every Friday 7pm EST. and Saturday at 12pm EST. The weekly show connects many types of performance, literary and visual artist with Entrepreneurs and community leaders to develop stronger connections with individuals that would not normally cross paths. This unusual platform has developed a huge pool of talented individuals that focus not just on talents or business but community and civic-minded pursuits. The origins of the group “The Artist Exchange” started nearly 8 years ago as a means to stay connected with his college friends and associates, at Coppin State University. It has since branched out to many different artist, community leaders and supporters of the arts. Nate’s passion for connecting his many different loves, has initiated many different networking opportunities, events, programs and platforms for both artists and community leaders. His dedication to the arts and brought him many different opportunities and most recently a nomination for a “Baltimore Crown Award “from a long running Baltimore Organization that shares his love for the arts and Civility

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