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08/12/18 - 6PM - Jeff Przech

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Jeff Przech | Jeff Przech & The Outfit Album Tour | An Acoustic Americana-Country Night

Jeff Przech's newest record, Jeff Przech & The Outfit, has more of a full band sound than his debut, heavy on Telecasters and a vintage vibe achieved by recording the record live in the studio. The songs on the Outfit record show an evolution and growth while still maintaining the narrative quality of Przech's lyrics. Jeff Przech & The Outfit was released in April and received stellar reviews from Twangville and Roots Music Magazine, among others. A native of Hartford, Connecticut, now calling Unionville, CT home, Jeff Przech (pronounced 'Presh') released his debut record "Sounds Like Fresh" in 2015. Called 'as Americana as they come' by one reviewer, Przech's music offers a different geographical take on the genre while still maintaining the characteristics of modern Americana music. Przech, despite hailing from the Northeast, offers a very authentic take on the Americana sound with a distinct lack of pretense. Although the new Outfit record is, according to Przech, "the full band, electric record I always heard in my head," he will be presenting the songs more organically as he travels to support the record. Przech will primarily be hitting the road with just his acoustic guitar and voice, the way the songs were originally born in the first place. Influenced by contemporary artists like Jason Isbell and Ryan Adams, along with classic artists like Kris Kristofferson (his main influence) and John Mellencamp, Przech enjoys being a storyteller more than anything else and playing the songs in this way will enable him to connect with people on a much more personal level.

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