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07/17/18 - 7PM - Lorraine Bailey Carter Introduces

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Lorraine Bailey Carter Introduces | I Am Brittney Renee | A Soulful Singer-Songwriter

Meet Brittney Renee...Brittney Renee is a Singer, Songwriter, Maryland native, and Morgan State University graduate. She sings with a purpose and is committed to sharing her life experiences through her music.  Her Gospel, jazz, and R&B influences are easily evident and translated through her songs. Brittney Renee is currently in the studio working on her freshman project. Experience the melodic sound of Brittney Renee through her singles "Love Again" and "Stupid.” There was a period and time in my life where I made a lot of bad decisions and choices which cause me to be in unhealthy relationships, hence the birth of "Stupid!" Those instances left me feeling foolish until I found the strength to change my situation. "Love Again" is the epitome of what everyone needs to know.  Brittney Renee feels through your hurt and pain; through the power of Jesus' love, you can truly Love