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07/14/17 - 5PM - The Virtuosity of Ink

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Jason Holtschneider is an artist, designer, and printmaker currently living in Baltimore, Maryland. He currently attending the University of Maryland Baltimore County working on his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Graphic Design and the Digital Arts. He also has an Associate of Fine Arts degree from CCBC. Jason is the owner and main artistic talent at Mxdmediem Design and Illustration.

Jason’s artistic practice employs a variety of media, from digital art, to illustration and printmaking. He is interested in how we can combine new digital techniques with original art methods to create artwork. Jason has many influences, some of which are Rembrandt, Albrecht Durer, Ben Templesmith, and early twentieth century Japanese printmakers. Jason’s philosophy on making art can be simply summed up in a quote from him, “My goal is to make the world a little more beautiful everyday”.

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