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07/03/18 - 6PM - Renee Dion

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Renee Dion | Haven 2018 Tour | A Dynamic Experimental Soul Night

Renee Dion: A singer, Songwriter, who's artistry is revealed by the expression of song which speaks to one's heart and passion for life.

November 20th, 1980, Renee Dion Jefferson was born in Youngstown, Ohio to the proud parents of Robert and Madgeline Fields. Growing up in a small but tough town, Renee Dion learned to value the importance of family and friends at an early age. This trait along with Renee Dion's sense of humor has been a strength, which has always served her wall. Renee Dion's mother taught her from a very young age to journal her deepest thoughts as a way of coping with life's joys and sometimes disappointments. It was this gift that would assist Renee Dion in becoming the prolific songwriter that she is today. Every lyric she's written represents the lessons and values learned while growing up.

At Renee Dion talents began to flourish, she would Perform and place in local talent shows, dazzling the crowds at her local High School's basketball and football games by singing the National Anthem. It didn't long for Renee Dion to realize the power of music and the joy it brought to its listeners.

Renee Dion attended Fort Hayes School of Performing Arts her 11th and 12th grade years of High School. After graduation, Renee Dion moved to Chicago Illinois to attend Columbia College, where she studied poetry, Music management and creative writing. It was here that Renee Dion formed her own band, performing at countless venues, working with an array of producers in the Chicago area. Renee Dion received her BA in 2007 and has been singing, performing and recording ever since. There have been many highlights to Renee Dion's career, however, the opportunities to live and work in Atlanta, GA recording with some of the industries up and coming producers, plus opening for Eric Roberson have been results of answered prayers!

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