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06/22/17 - 7pm - Sunshine Nights

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Sunshine Nights is an Americana-roots songwriting partnership between Amy Priya and Stephen Sunshine. Their songs evoke a charming union of styles, a dichotomy of the old and new, indie folk sentiment blended with old time blues, bluegrass and a tinge of traditional jazz. Their new EP, A Brooklyn Biography, is a collection of stories from their home borough. The songs are unique, written in the context of bustling New York life far removed from the Appalachian and Southern origins of the music they love. Sunshine Nights draws inspiration from their Bushwick neighborhood’s vibrant and diverse artistic culture. Since they moved there in 2006, the area has shaped their songwriting and creative process. Their influences include Alberta Hunter, Dr. John, Big Bill Broonzy, Lil’ Green, and Lou Reed. Sunshine Nights has toured extensively on the East Coast, Southern United States and Pacific Northwest. They have also performed in Paris, Rome, Montréal and Vancouver. They will be touring this Spring and Summer.

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