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05/24/18 - 6PM - Nicole Stella

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Nicole Stella | Canzoni Per Vivienne Tour | An Acoustic Pop Folk Rock Night

Nicole Stella is a young singer and songwriter from Italy. She independently released three albums: New Day, in 2015, Something To Say, in March 2017 andCanzoni Per Vivienne in March 2018.

At a very young age she discovers her passion for American and Italian folk songwriters, who inspire her to play with words and music herself. Her style is influenced by great female songwriters such as Joni Mitchell, Suzanne Vega and Tori Amos.

After studying classical piano for several years, and then the guitar, at the age of 16, she is accepted at the Conservatorio "Cantelli" in Novara, where she attends an Opera singing course.

She graduates at Liceo Classico and moves to Pavia to study Politics and International Relations. In the meantime, she discovers her passion for a new genre and studies Jazz Singing, improving her vocal technique under the guidance of well-known Italian singer Francesca Ajmar.

In 2012 she works with guitarist Gianfranco Grande in the duo "Acoustic At Work" and starts performing live. From 2013 to 2015 Nicole lives in London, where she finally realizes that her purpose is singing and writing. In London, she performs in various important venues, such as Zebrano and the Southbank Centre.

Constantly conjugating her performing schedule with studio projects, Nicole produces her debut album, New Day, in August 2015, obtaining a positive response from a few English and American critics. A review by Jamie Funk states that New Day is an “enjoyable batch of folk pop songs that will appeal to a large demographic”.

In 2016 Nicole works with the publisher SUR Edizioni at a project on Joni Mitchell, combining words and music, presented at the illustrious festival JazzMi.

In 2016 she is also invited to take part to important national events, such as the Festa della Musica and the Buscadero Day.

On March 20th 2017, Nicole releases her second album, Something To Say, a collection of original songs about freedom. It is described as an interesting mix of classic rock, folk and electro-pop by American music blog Divide and Conquer. The review states that “The overall theme was consistent but the style of each song was always something slightly different.” One of the songs of the album, A Letter, is also described as “an example of a great rock anthem”.

In May 2017, Nicole performs at the Montauk Music Festival in Long Island and successfully presents her music to the American audience, playing important New York venues, such as Pianos, The Bitter End and The Delancey.

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