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03/11/17 - 8PM - Damond Blue

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Damond will perform 3 original songs with a keyboardist and possibly guitarist. During the performance he will talk about how he came up with the song concepts and what may have been the inspiration behind some lyrics or music.

Damond Blue grew up on Baltimore, MD’s Eastside where he, like many youth, were exposed to the street life. After witnessing the death of a close friend, Blue decided that lifestyle was no longer for him and began to take his God given talent seriously.  An accomplished singer and rapper,  Blue deftly combines Hip-Hop and R&B to present the sound he's coined "Smooth Trap".  Damond Blue's charismatic stage presence and welcoming energy are only a few of the traits that help him fill the void left by so many "sound alike" artists.  He also began a charitable organization called "Beats Not Bullets"  that encourages youth to seek artistic alternatives to violence.  Blue continues to hone his skills and put out great music as he heads toward stardom while still remembering his Baltimore roots.

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