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01/20/17 - 8PM - JLAW

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

In an era of music where image seems to outshine talent, and genuine lyrics are seemingly becoming obsolete, JLaw appears to be going against the grain to set himself apart. JLaw, aka, Jermaine Williams Sr., got his nickname from being known to always have "BARS" (Rhymes) which is where the "LAW" part of his name originated from and the "J" is simply his first initial. However, upon the release of his 2016 EP, P.U.S.H., the intro record featuring a poet by the name of Solution(Born, Samuel Tatum) reveals the acronym for "LAW" is "Leading A Way." Which is exactly what JLaw appears to be doing. He appears to want to inspire artists to be themselves, to hold themselves morally responsible for the content in their music, and to feel the full freedom of self-expression emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually. Which was the centerpiece for his 2016 EP, P.U.S.H.( Pray Until Something Happens)

His growth as an artist hasn't gone unnoticed. He spent years making a name for his self-battle rapping in various leagues such as Pit Fights, Bar Bendas, Grind Time, & Block City. The respect he's gained through the battle rap circuit has certainly played a role in his ability to reach certain crowds who would otherwise label his style of music conscious rap and shun him. However, because he's proven himself as a mc it has allowed him to seemingly transcend between different genres of rap. When asked in an interview was his style considered gospel he responded by stating that," music is simply a reflection of me. Throughout the recording process for P.U.S.H. I was in a really dark place which caused me to seek comfort through prayer and meditation. Which truly impacted my subject matter for this particular EP. Trust me, I am a man of God but in the booth I am just a man and my music will reflect that. So, I chose not to categorize myself or put me in a box because my music is a reflection of me. And until I am in a box, my music will grow and evolve with me." 

JLaw's constant growth and new found evolution as an artist have gained him the support of some of the best talents in his city of Baltimore, MD. In 2016, he, along with Icon Tha God and Chase Ultra, shared a stage with hip-hop legend, Rakim aka The God MC. He's also shared the stage with Shade45' 2016 MC Champion, Ashley Sierra, in Annapolis. He also has a potential hit record with songstress Jai Ivy, titled "Find A Way." This record was produced by Baltimore's own super producer, J8's, and was inspired by the injustices of 2015/2016 and the cities uprising that took place as a result of the Freddie Gray incident. 

Now, JLaw has stated many times that he would prefer to be simply called an MC. He doesn't believe in categorizing his style as gospel, or conscious, etc. However, he has stated that artist like Common, Kanye, Jay-Z, Tupac, LeCrae, Trip Lee, Andy Mineo just to name a few, have clearly influenced his style throughout the years but he says he will never stop growing as an artist, therefore, limiting his self to one lane will never happen. 

Now, prior to his 2016 EP, he has had several other mixtapes. In, 2007 he released a mixtape titled, "2nd String", in 2008 he followed that up with "2nd to None." However, due to the birth of his children he took a 5-year break from music and focused on battle rapping, so in 2013 he released "Dealing With Real Life." Now, JLaw has gone on record saying that there will be a "Dealing With Real Life 2" but for right now he is focused on pushing P.U.S.H. His latest EP has been very well received and has certainly left his fans wanting more. With that being said, JLaw appears to have a very bright future ahead of him

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