The Majestic Mount St. Helens

Discover A Gem Among Hotels Near Mount St. Helens

Travel back to the fiery eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980, one of the darkest days in the history of Washington State. Mount St. Helens spawned a new industry for the area and has continued to draw international attention as the mountain and surrounding forest continue to heal and evolve.

As a chosen destination among Mt. St. Helens hotels, Red Lion Hotel Kelso Longview offers an unparalleled location with sweeping views of the crater, lava dome, and blast center from the nearby Coldwater Ridge Visitor Center and Johnston Ridge Observatory.

Our Mt. St. Helens accommodations offer unmatched access to one of the longest continuous lava tubes in the world, Ape Cave. A sought-after go to spot for hikers and families alike, Mount Saint Helens offers jaw-dropping views and endless opportunities for swimming, boating, picnicking, and much more.

Immerse yourself in plush forests and explore this must-see landmark when you stay at Red Lion Hotel Kelso Longview, a top choice among hotels near Mt. St. Helens.