Eat Out At Heath Restaurants

Discover The Local Flavors

Enjoy complimentary continental breakfast from 6am to 9am weekdays/7am to 10am on weekends.  Breakfast items include 2 types of bread for toast, honey buns, coffee, and orange juice available. 

Looking for some quick grub or a nice dinner? Check out the on property options as well as these nearby restaurants.

  • La Paloma Restaurant, 0.4 mi. SW
  • Skyline Chili, 0.4 mi. SW
  • Mark PI Express, 0.5 mi. S
  • Bob Evans, 0.5 mi. SW
  • Taco Bell, 0.5 mi. SW
  • Applebee's Neighborhood Grill, 0.6 mi. S
  • Tumbleweed Southwest Grill, 0.8 mi. SW
  • Subway, 0.8 mi. SW
  • Red Lobster, 0.8 mi. SW
  • Royal Thai, 1 mi. SW
  • White Castle, 1.1 mi. SW
  • Olive Garden, 1.1 mi. SW
  • Pizza Hut, 1.4 mi. SW
  • Ruby Tuesday, 1.6 mi. SW
  • Buffalo Wild Wings Bar and Grill, 1.8 mi. SW