Whale Watching on the Pacific Coast

Experience a Marine Adventure in Eureka

Get up close with marine life in Northern California when you go on a whale watching adventure in Eureka. With the nearby Samoa State Marine Conservation Area and the great Pacific Coast at hand, you can go whale watching and experience the extraordinary population of whales that calls the region home.

A popular activity that's accessible year-round, whale watching in Northern California offers the chance to explore the majestic oceanic creatures while experiencing the open waters. Every year from December until spring, an estimated 22,000 Eastern Pacific gray whales pass through Pacific Coast waters, en route to Baja California from frigid Alaska, before they return. Summer and early fall are characterized by the migration of blue whales and humpback whales. During migration, whales travel in small groups, accompanied by their newborn calves, and stay fairly close to the shoreline. 

Whale Watching by Boat

Depending on when you go, you'll have a chance to see Blue Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Risso’s Dolphin, Pacific White-sided Dolphin, Northern Right Whale Dolphin, and Harbor and Dall’s Porpoises, among other species.  Before you set sail, check locally for the best times for observation, and choose from one of the local services for whale watching in Eureka, CA. You can take a chartered 28-foot boat from E and D Charters, an excursion offered by the Oceanic Society, or a kayak tour with Pacific Outfitters out of Trinidad Harbor. Remember to dress appropriately as you'll be on the water, don't forget sunscreen and hydration, and keep an eye out for the telltale plumes that mean a pod of whales is near!

Whale Watching Sites in Eureka / Northern California

There are countless spectacular sites for viewing from the land as well, with the best ones located high on the cliffs of Humboldt County in Eureka. For whale watching in Northern California, Patrick's Point State Park (25 miles north of Eureka near Trinidad) is the go-to spot during the main migrating season, from about December through March. Elsewhere along the Pacific Coast Shelter Cove, Sinkyone Wilderness State Park, and Table Bluff are notably popular, as are the beaches of the region.