The Avenue of the Giants Marathon, Half Marathon and 10K Run.

Stay with Us during the Marathon!

As noted by Runner's World Magazine, The Avenue of the Giants Marathon is one of the most scenic courses in the country. Staged on "The Avenue of the Giants" in Humboldt Redwoods State Park, located in rural Northern California, the paved course winds through giant old growth redwoods.

The Avenue of the Giants Marathon is a race where families and first timers, along with a cadre of regulars gather on the first Sunday in May to compete and enjoy the fabulous scenery.

The Marathon starts just beyond the Dyerville Bridge on Bull Creek Road and proceed 6.5 miles to the first turn around. The first mile is relatively flat, and within half a mile of the start, you will be running under a canopy of beautiful Redwoods. After the first mile, there are some sharp curves and fairly short hills. There is an open space and a sweeping curve at about the 4/9 mile mark. Then for the next mile or so, you enter arguably the most beautiful part of the course.

The giant Redwoods close to the road look as though they were painted on a large canvass, the way they are perfectly arranged. At about five and a half miles, just beyond the Albee Creek Campground, you will enter an opening that continues to the first turn around. Don't worry about heat, however, for the temperature is usually still cool and part of the road is still shaded. The last mile plus is a gradual uphill with few curves.

Some time before or after the race, be sure to check out The Founders Tree and the Dyerville Giant, on a short trail circling Founders Grove, about 100 yards down the Avenue from the Dyerville Bridge. Run wisely, enjoy the natural beauty of the area, and here's hoping you have a great time as a runner, spectator, or race volunteer.