Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe

In the Heart of Eureka California

Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe is located in the heart of Humboldt County.  It has the personal touch of being locally owned while still providing a world view. It's the perfect place to buy high quality riding apparel & gear, fill your belly, hook up with riding buddies, and head off to explore California's most beautiful redwood and coastal rides. 

Doesn't matter if you ride or just want a good cup of coffee, Black Lighting Motorcycle Cafe is the hangout for everyone! Keep the shiny side up!
- Jeff Hesseltine, Owner

The Black Lightning Motorcycle Cafe is a great place to visit while in Eureka. Red Lion Hotel Eureka is only a five-minute ride away from the cafe.  After an eventful day of riding, we would like to welcome you to stay with us at Red Lion Hotel Eureka.