The Oregon Dunes

Near Our Coos Bay Hotel

The Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is the largest expanse of coastal sand dunes in North America. This unique destination in Coos Bay gives you plenty of opportunities for adventure. Wind-sculpted sand dunes tower up to 500 feet above sea level.

Thousands of off-road vehicle riders come here every year to experience the thrill from riding across these expansive sand tracks. The largest riding area is between Spinreel Campground and Horsfall Road.

Other exciting recreational opportunities include hiking, photography, fishing, canoeing, horseback riding and camping. The beach is open year round, so come any time to experience these amazing dunes. 

Places to Rent Dune Buggies:

Spinreel Dune Buggy Rentals

67045 Spinreel Road
North Bend, OR 97459
(541) 759-3313

Spinreel offers everything you need to go on an adventure in the Oregon dunes. You can rent Quads (ATV’s), 2-Seat, or 4-Seat Vehicles and drive them yourself. Or take a tour with an experienced guide driving you. Spinreel also features Oregon’s largest and best dune-riding area. Experience the awesome windswept dunes, drive on scenic sand trails, or ride along the breathtaking Pacific Ocean beach. 

Steve's ATV Rental

68512 Highway 101
North Bend, OR 97459
(541) 751-1800

Steve's is a family-owned operation with over 300 ATV/UTV (dune buggies) to choose from. They specialize in ATV Rentals, ATV service, ATV parts and accessories. Steve’s is dedicated to providing you with the education and training needed to have a safe ATV riding experience. With locations all across Oregon and California, they're experts in west coast dune buggies.