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09/08/17 - 7PM - Austin Madsen

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09/08/17 - 7PM - Austin Madsen

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Austin Madsen | Balance Through Art Workshop | On The Living Stage

Balance Through Art is a brand and community that educates people about the “Life Cycle” and how to find a Positive Balance in life through art and healthy living.

So the logo itself to me illustrates the “Life Cycle”.  Using four key elements, musical notes, and other symbols, this symbol illustrates the journey we find ourselves in on a daily basis.

“So what’s your art?” Is the mantra of Balance Through Art.  We ask this question to keep that little flame alive in the hearts of all artists everywhere.  We are all respective pieces of art and have our own unique way of sharing the Light within.  Balance Through Art shows give any artist (person) a chance to “plug-into” the “Life Cycle” conversation.  The “Life Cycle” is just our “Earthwalk”, but how you walk, run, dance, sing, paint, math, observe, and make your way through life is up to you...and it’s beautiful.  I have learned that as long as my mouth is open and talking...I learn’s when I close my mouth and open my ears, eyes, hands, and heart to take in another’s experience, that I learn the most.  It’s still of the utmost importance to seek and to have your own experiences, but we often discover “dangerous crevices” or “beautiful views” that are worth and essential (when possible) to share to our fellow “hikers”, (“beta” as it’s called in the rock climbing community).  And that’s all Balance Through Art is, sharing time for kids and adults alike.  But truly, we are all children, age is just a number, and this world is just a big sandbox we are all meant to play in together.  Let’s start digging and see what we can find.