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04/27/17 - 7pm Jessica Penrose Morey

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04/27/17 - 7pm Jessica Penrose Morey

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Jessica will be creating an acrylic fine-art piece live on stage, while guiding on-stage guests through creating their own paintings. Think abstract art a-la Bob Ross with a little wine.

"Born into the golden age of early gaming, Jessica quickly discovered her passion for world domination. As a Nintendo baby and arcade enthusiast, she developed a drive for leveling up, boosting her stats, and creating new high scores. She promptly became amazing at pretty much everything.

Now an accomplished and prolific artist, she began performing publicly at the age of 5, earning rave reviews at her local church talent shows. Such triumph laid the bedrock for her continuing success in the music industry, eventually releasing two albums nationally, numerous E.P.’s locally, and periodically touring the Western United States in support of her recorded works. She is a classically trained pianist and multi-instrumentalist, a gifted vocalist, and a spellbinding performer. Despite tempting offers from various high-profile industry executives, she has remained determinedly independent; Jessica has written, recorded, produced and distributed her musical works largely through intimate collaboration with local artists and always on her own terms.

Her love of movement and athletics similarly began early. With constant access to Wasatch Mountain resorts, she quickly became a black diamond skiier. Primed from age 8 to become an Olympic gymnast, she left her team shortly before national qualifying competitions, saying “I don’t want to be just a gymnast.” She founded and presided over a Swing Dance club at her high-school, earning credit for her to graduate a full semester early. While her fervor for dance is apparent, sources have suggested she created the club solely to move out of parents’ house on her 18th birthday that February. In her college years, her love for dirty dancing prompted her to leave Brigham Young University and start a swing dancing movement at Utah Valley Community College, where the weekly dances quickly garnered a large, diverse, and passionate following. She personally taught thousands of people how to swing over 5 years. Jessica claims she and her crew are solely responsible for the popularity of swing dance in Utah today.

After stints as a Flight Attendant, Veterinary Aide, and a tragic farmer’s market incident involving a stolen Honey-Butter recipe, Jessica completed an Associates Degree in Graphic Design. She has since employed her visual and technical smarts in both her everyday life and career in myriad forms: interior design, web design, oil and acrylic painting, photography, fashion design, gallery curation, event hosting, makeup artistry, videography, modeling, and more. She currently owns and operates a media company based in Salt Lake City.

Despite professing her undying distaste for hippies, a profound disregard for other people’s feelings, and calling energy work “a bunch of woo-woo”, Jessica cares deeply for her planet and fellow humans and is a self-described healer. She and her current husband met in the Utah desert while both trying to save the world through sustainable farming. She simultaneously adores and despises her hometown of Salt Lake City, where she lives with her sweetheart, son, puppy, two cats, and a fish. Her current goals include bridging the cliques of a small-town city, making fantastic art, supporting her family, and not giving a hoot."