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02/25/17 - 6PM - Konvrtd Voyces

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02/25/17 - 6PM - Konvrtd Voyces

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

My name is Kim, known as Truth and my husband Anthony, Protizhy, we write and perform Gospel Rap Music. We both started rapping in various other forms of rap, before we met each other. We met in 2008, when Kim moved to Stockton, California with my kids. We began dating in 2009, and ended up having to live in the shelter for 6 months. That's where we started writing the music we perform now, because that's when we got our relationship the way we have it now with God. We had to go through what we have been through, to get to where we are at today. God brought us through everything we have been through and we are still going through our trials, tribulations and struggles but we have kept our Faith and Trust in him so we are in good hands. Our Music has everything to do with our life based on our true stories. We enjoy blessing others with our music because there are people who can relate to it and have been through similar situations, we enjoy giving back to the less fortunate and helping others.