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02/22/18 - 4PM - Austin Madsen

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02/22/18 - 4PM - Austin Madsen

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Austin Madsen | My Life, My Stories, My Songs | A Musical Experience

My name is Austin and I share songs and stories about my life in an insightful, uplifting, and inspiring way!

I picked up my first guitar 11 years ago. Early on I enjoyed writing my own songs but never imagined I’d be more than just a guitarist. Not only do I sing and play and write my own songs now, but I write bass and drum parts for my songs as well. Primarily a street musician, I enjoy performing at open mics, large and small venues, park restrooms, tunnels, mountain tops, rooftops, backseats, and everywhere in between! Had my first professional gig with my brother at Jake’s Chaparral in Kanab Utah last fall, where we entertained groups of 50-200 every night for 4 months as “cowboy country singers” playing country classics from stars like Johnny Cash, John Denver, Tim McGraw etc. as well as our own tunes, a dream job for any young musician! Our band Mad Sons released our first EP last April and we performed a live set of that EP at a local radio station in Ohio. Now thousands of miles apart, Mad Sons is on hold as the other members and myself focus on separate projects and tend to “adult matters of consequence”. Music has been the gift that keeps on giving for me and I love sharing that gift whenever I can!


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