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02/18/17 - 8PM - KoH

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02/18/17 - 8PM - KoH

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Local singer songwriter band performing a brief selection of original music incorporating harmonizing male and female vocals, acoustic guitar, and cajon. 

The creation of KoH stemmed from a desire to express genuine emotion in a minimalist manner through words, music, and melody to bridge the two. KoH, a local singer songwriter band, is comprised of a brother-sister duo, Mario Alberto and Mariana Gonzalez, and Somnaang ‘PJ’ Rou. The trio’s talents hauntingly unify the music. PJ draws on 8 years of percussion experience and Mariana has been singing for 5 years. Mario Alberto, singer and guitarist for 13 years, writes candid songs about complex things: love, heartbreak, and transient emotions. Creating various songs over the course of many years, the evident melancholic melody and organic emotion capture the attention of any listener through the nostalgically harmonious voices of Mariana and Mario Alberto

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