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12/15/16 - 7PM - Tommy G From The 509

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12/15/16 - 7PM - Tommy G From The 509

Tommy Gantt, or “Tommy G From The 509”, as he is more commonly known around the Inland Northwest, has been writing songs, playing guitar and performing on stage since 1976 in venues ranging from elementary school auditoriums in suburban Baltimore, Maryland to medium-security prisons in Kootenai, Idaho to high school gymnasiums in Washington DC to giant mega-music-festival stages with tens of thousands in attendance in Seattle, WA and nearly everywhere else in between.

Tommy is currently a regular solo acoustic performer/entertainer on the Inland Northwest region’s coffee house/wine bar circuit. He has been a frequent performer for First Friday, a Spokane music and art institution/tradition as well many other local area festivals, while maintaining a rigorous 150+ appearance-per-year schedule since 2010.

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