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11/18/16 - 7PM - Ambrosia McMahan

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11/18/16 - 7PM - Ambrosia McMahan

Born in Spokane Washington. My parents raised me in a creative artsy environment.  Art has always been a true passion for me. I was raised surrounded by artists in one way or another.  My mother had a passion for oil painting, my father has always drawn and has been creative since I can remember, and my brother is the same. My mother put a paintbrush in my hand and let me go at it when I was about two. I haven't stopped since. I have always loved working with acrylics but recently have picked up oil painting and have found that I love it.  I use all mediums it just depends on the mood I'm in I guess.  I can stare at a blank canvas and thousands of ideas go through my mind.  Sometimes I start a piece with an idea in mind and sometimes I just start working and see where it goes. One thing I can truly say is art keeps me sane. 

I'm happily married to my lovely husband and we now have a beautiful daughter.  My husband has always been very supportive and does all he can to make sure I keep going and creating.  I have met so many people through art and look forward to the future and where my art may take me.  I'm currently working with a company who will be printing and shipping my pieces