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09/29/17 - 7AM - National Coffee Day Events

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09/29/17 - 7AM - National Coffee Day Events

Hotel RL Spokane at the Park

Please come and enjoy a FREE Cup of Victrola Coffee on Hotel RL today. We are excited to be celebrating National Coffee Day with our favorite local coffee from our friends at Victrola Coffee!

•6:00pm - Chef Ricky presentation of Coffee Inspired Food/Desserts and/or Pairings.

•6:30pm- Bruce Jiang with Singtex Manufacturing company will be showing a 10 minute video as well as sharing samples of various products they’ve created and how they can be used. Singtex uses coffee byproducts and plastic bottles, recycles and processes them to create yarn, which can be used to make textiles of all kinds.

•7:00pm - Band begins- Stubborn Son (

•8:00pm- Band ends.

•8:00pm - Coffee themed Bingo, Victrola providing same Bingo prizing for Spokane as Olympia. Michael Fear and Melissa McKnight are overseeing operations of the game, and the band, Stubborn Son, will call the game numbers and announce Bingo.

•9:00pm- Bingo ends.