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06/13/17 - 5PM - Ayron Jones

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06/13/17 - 5PM - Ayron Jones

Professionally, Ayron Jones and The Way have had a stellar past couple of years. They have built a passionate following as a result of his backing band hitting a stride “that only keeps getting stronger.” This has enabled Jones to craft an astonishing cycle of songs detailing his emotions through a painful divorce, a life inundated by the spotlight, and the painful loss of his mother to drug and alcohol addiction. “Audio Paint Job is the story of the personal struggles I had to endure to find my voice and define my identity.”

“Audio Paint Job is a title that has multiple meanings for me,” Ayron says. “It’s a story about my mental and spiritual transformation through music.” That internal movement can be found in the dizzying array of styles and sounds through the album’s confessional narrative arc. Whether it’s a ferocious heavy rock or honeyed nuanced ballads. Audio Paint Job evokes a wide range of expression in songs that Jones feels will speak to the diverse musical taste of the current times.