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03/17/18 -11AM - MSD Irish Dance Academy

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03/17/18 -11AM - MSD Irish Dance Academy

MSD Irish Dance Academy | An Irish Movement | A Live Dace Celebration

MSD stands for "An Misneach Sionnach Damhsa." Translated from Irish, it means the courage of a dancing fox. MSD Irish Dance Academy, is committed to communicating and manifesting our values. We will partner with our community to nurture dancers, not simply offer dance classes. We will enhance physical development, create emotional balance and stability, and inspire self-expression. Our attitude will be serious in our play, which is embodied in the fox or in Irish the "sionnach."

MSD Irish Dance Academy is owned by Natash Hart TCRG and Rebecca Lonam.

Natasha and Rebecca are passionate Irish dancers who wish to create an atmosphere in which to share their love and joy of Irish dance. They have 18 years of experience in competing, performing and teaching Irish step dancing. The variety of experiences they have encountered is reflected in their teaching methods- each student is approached at their own level and pace and is given the tools to obtain their personal goals in Irish dance.

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