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12/18/16 - 6PM - YWCA

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12/18/16 - 6PM - YWCA

Hotel RL Olympia

YWCA Olympia-Women’s Economic Empowerment Program

EEP is a gender-responsive approach to workforce development, which supports and empowers unemployed and underemployed women ages 16 to 70 from Thurston, Lewis and Mason Counties. EEP is holistically designed with women’s needs in mind, supporting her career development, employment readiness and family stability. Ultimately, EEP increases the competence, confidence and connections women need to succeed in the workplace, rise above minimum wage employment and experience economic mobility.  EEP works in partnership with a network of nonprofit organizations that provide direct services to those in need of direction to improve their lives and the lives of their families.

Speakers: Amanda, Cera & Heather are participants in/graduates of the YWCA Olympia Women’s Economic Empowerment Program.

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