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11/0617 - 7:30PM - Stubborn Son

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11/0617 - 7:30PM - Stubborn Son

Hotel RL Salt Lake City

Stubborn Son is the alter ego to America's comfort-seeking 9-to-5. Formed in 2014 over three-finger pours and stacks of vinyl records, this Seattle based project sits nicely between the visual stylings of the 1960s, sonic infusions of the '70s, and indie rock of today. Their kinetic performances teeter on the edge of euphoric and possessed. The *Fortunes* EP (November 2017) is the follow up to the bands 2015 full length album *Birthright *and is the unmistakable proof that Rock 'n' Roll is not dead, its just has a new name. While previously rooted closer to soulful blues-rock, Fortunes has Stubborn Son taking a drastic, yet perfectly fitting departure. Layered with more melody and groovier hooks than previous works, *Fortunes* has more space and "feel" to it, takes more freedom in songwriting and still delivers all the rock goodness of 1971. Based around distinct vocals, keys,synth and dusty old gear, Stubborn Son has created a unique yet surprisingly familiar identity with *Fortunes*.

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