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09/15/17 - 9AM - Clean and Fair Economy Summit

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09/15/17 - 9AM - Clean and Fair Economy Summit

Hotel RL Olympia

Clean and Fair Economy Summit | Climate Solutions, Economic Justice, and the Unstoppable Blue-Green Alliance.

Americans are ready an economy that works for all of us. One where you can find a quality job with fair pay and benefits. We also recognize that we all deserve clean air and water, protections to safeguard workers and the communities around their workplaces, and that building up a cleaner economy means we’ll be laying the foundation that generations of Americans can use to secure prosperity.

Across the country, people have taken up this fight and are building partnerships to solve our nation’s environmental challenges in a way that creates and maintains quality, family-sustaining jobs and ensures the health and safety of our workplaces and communities.

The Summit will feature speakers like Washington State Governor Jay Inslee and is an initiative of the BlueGreen Alliance Foundation, which conducts research and educates the public and media about solutions to environmental challenges that create economic opportunities for the American people. It replaces the Good Jobs, Green Jobs National Conference.