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07/22/18 - 6PM - The Retrovales

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07/22/18 - 6PM - The Retrovales

Hotel RL Olympia

The Retrovales | Live on The Living Stage |  Night of Original Folk Pop

The Retrovales are a folk/pop duo based out of Huntsville, AL, fronted by SarahJayne and Corey Travis. The pair use harmonies and catchy melodies to their advantage. Songs like, "Madeleine," "Ghost," and "Without You" have pushed them ahead in their local scene, and they have been making waves regionally as well, from touring to networking and everything in between. (link hidden) says, "Rocket City based group The Retrovales' Sarah Jayne and Corey Travis evoke an embryonic, smartphone-era version of Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham." In April of 2018, they released their EP, "Ghost," which documents the emotions that surround loss - sadness, hope, anger, etc. One thing is for certain: The Retrovales will make you feel something.

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