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07/10/18 - 6PM - Gina Belliveau

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07/10/18 - 6PM - Gina Belliveau

Hotel RL Olympia

Gina Belliveau | Live on The Living Stage | An Acoustic Folk Event

Gina Belliveau is a Seattle-based musician who plays solo mostly- percussive acoustic folk with an achilles heel for ridiculous pop cover tunes. Her ever expanding repertoire runs the gamut from Billie Holiday to Billie Jean. 

With an adaptable sound to fit any room, she has played at raucous bars, mellow wine bars, art auctions, as well as corporate events for Microsoft, Silver City Brewery, Hard Rock Cafe, Wild Waves Theme Park, among others. Most recently, she worked on a couple cruise contracts with Holland America Line, adding 'on top of a hot tub in the middle of the ocean' to her list of most bizarre performance locales.

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