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06/24/17 - 11AM - Arthur Dolan

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06/24/17 - 11AM - Arthur Dolan

Hotel RL Olympia

Discover what life was like for a family living in 1776.  Large families, in a single room house, living day to day, making everything they needed from plants (clothing and food), animals and trees (lumber and durable goods). With more than 20 items, passed through participant’s hands, you will get a feel of life in the 18th century.   

Art was, born in Massachusetts, not far from his Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestors home in Bedford, Massachusetts. Like his Patriot Ancestor, Art proudly served in the military receiving an Honorable Discharge in 1975. He went on to become a science teacher spending most of his time in the Spokane, Washington, Public Schools. After discovering his Revolutionary War roots, Art turned from science to history and now presents colonial period presentations locally in Olympia, Washington.