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03/20/18 - 6PM - Jordan Kirk

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03/20/18 - 6PM - Jordan Kirk

Hotel RL Olympia

Jordan Kirk | Winter 2018 Tour | An Experimental Singer-Songwriter Event

Jordan Kirk is an experimental singer-songwriter from Columbus, OH. He has been touring the US since the release of his debut album "Abundant Sunshine" in 2014. While rooted in classical interpretations of the singer-songwriter genre, Kirk's music sometimes reaches into psychedelia, delta blues, and gospel.

After a considerable amount of national airplay and press, the artist's sophomore album "Ragamuffin Parade" was released on Scioto Records in June of 2017. Following his first label release, Kirk completed two tours of the US, the latter covering over 50 cities in 2 months. 

The artist's next tour will start Feb 8th, 2018 and can be followed at:

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