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02/09/18 - 6PM - Olyimprov

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02/09/18 - 6PM - Olyimprov

Hotel RL Olympia

Olyimprov | A Likely Sory Troupe | A Improv Show

Improv in Olympia since 2006.

OlyImprov  is an improv troupe with a cast of local area Olympia performers. 
We make stuff up, in the moment, on the spot, right in front of our eyes AND your eyes!

The craft of improv requires practice, focus, and a willingness to fail, succeed or land someplace in between by creating honest stories, characters and scenes. OlyImprov seeks to capture and tell that story, the one sitting right there in front of us, honestly and directly.  

We invite the audience to watch and participate in the process of making stuff up and  promise  that good, bad, sad hilarious, or dramatic,  OlyImprov will entertain, amuse, delight and inspire audiences to come again and again. Improv is never the same and always surprising.     

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