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01/23/17 - 2PM - Nathan Barnes

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01/23/17 - 2PM - Nathan Barnes

Hotel RL Olympia

Nathan Barnes holds a MFA in studio art from the Idaho State University. He is a practicing artist and has exhibited throughout the greater west. Currently, he is the gallery coordinator at South Puget Sound Community College and a board member of Olympia Artspace Alliance. He is a past board member of the Historic Idaho Falls Downtown Foundation and served as the Willard Art Center’s curator of exhibitions for five years.

About the Minnaert Center Gallery

The Gallery at the The Kenneth J. Minnaert Center for the Arts offers a diverse range of visual arts exhibitions and programs to enrich the educational experiences of students and the community. The Gallery is 1200 square feet. The walls are white and made of drywall backed with 3/4-inch plywood. There is an 11-1/2 foot high Unistrut grid system with track lighting throughout, and the gallery is wired for media art.