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10/21/17 - 7PM - Mace Hathaway

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10/21/17 - 7PM - Mace Hathaway

Hotel RL Omaha

From Chicago to all points west Mace is the popular choice of talent buyers across the country. Fans love his interaction with them before and after his show. Mace Hathaway is a singer/songwriter from the heart of the midwest, & he can really tell a story. Driven by his soulful voice, the energy in his delivery and clever lyrics have been known to consume the listener. Mace is What some might call a prolific writer, with over 200 songs to his credit. Giving accolades to some of his major influences, Robert Hunter,Peter Rowan, Paul Simon & Joni Mitchell, he strides to turn each song into a new journey for the listener.

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