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10/17/17 - 7PM - Carmelita de la Guardia & Alan Anderson

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10/17/17 - 7PM - Carmelita de la Guardia & Alan Anderson

Carmelita De La Guardia is an accomplished entertainer, successful business woman, and a passionate advocate for womenâ™s and childrenâ™s causes. She was born in Sicily and emigrated to the United States with her family. Carmelita focus has long been on classical, international and pop music.

Through her training, Carmelita developed a passion for flamenco dancing, which she now incorporates into her performances.

Labeled, as Omaha’s Queen of International Cabaret, Carmelita is expanding the influence of international cabaret music in Omaha and throughout the Midwest. She delivers a unique combination of international cabaret style music and dance, featuring the American Song Book including Bossa Nova. Audiences leave her performances captivated by the elegant entertainment and with a profound appreciation for French, Spanish and Italian music.

Alan Anderson is the area’s top guitarist and he loves playing for Entertainer Carmelita de la Guardia. They have teamed up for this night of singing and dancing.