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10/16/17 - 7PM - Zac Young

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10/16/17 - 7PM - Zac Young

Zac Young | Hoodlum Book Tour | Music | Poems | Stories

Lead singer of one of Georgia's premier touring rock bands Stereomonster.
Zac is touring supporting 2nd published book, Hoodlum Book (2017)
Hoodlum Book is a sporadic collection of poems, songs, and short stories from author Zac Young. This rambunctious work ranges from: scribbles born on cocktail napkins at last-call—poems streaming in and out of reality, of love, of darkness—fictitious tales which are likely to have happened, and will happen again—songs from his time recording and traveling with the band, Stereomonster. Also, featuring poems from the debut novel, God's in the Water.

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