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07/06/17 - 7PM - Big canvas imrov

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07/06/17 - 7PM - Big canvas imrov

Hotel RL Omaha

As Omaha’s family favorite improv comedy group and school, Big Canvas’s shows and classes feature a variety of improv comedy where everything is made up on the spot. Big Canvas brings decades of improv, stand up, sketch comedy and theatre experience to the stage.

Big Canvas is a nonprofit organization that believes in Comedy For Everyone. Founded by Doug Rothgeb, Eric Green, Tracie Mauk, Heather Jones, and Lindsey Theis, Big Canvas offers shows and classes that are each unique. You can see Big Canvas's family friendly improv comedy shows around the Omaha metro. The Big Canvas mission is to offer continuous opportunities for Omaha and other Midwest improvisers and comedians a stage to create their own shows, teach their own styles, and to help spread each individual's, duo's, team's and/or group's creative talents and ideas. The Big Canvas vision is to be a home to incubate improvisational and comedic work and help it spread throughout Omaha and the Midwest. Big Canvas was created to bring shows that push the limits of Comedy and Improv performers that hit the stage with the Big Canvas. Big Canvas grows with each and every performer that hits the stage with Big Canvas. From each performer, to student, to audience member, each individual becomes another color in the Big Canvas painting.

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