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03/25/17 - 7PM - Drae

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03/25/17 - 7PM - Drae

Drae will be performing some live original hip hop mixed with a little soul Music. He will also be giving a little personal background on how he started on his musical journey and what inspired him to make his songs.

Drae is a 27 year old aspiring artist born in Lincoln and raised in Omaha, Nebraska. Founder and CEO of LaidBack Independent Music LLC which was launched in Feb of 2016. LBIM is a small Indy Label looking to inspire artist to make creative music and think "Outside the box" and Be Original. Drae has been making music since 2008 made multiple radio appearance's and shows in the local area. He gets music influence off of everyday life and lifes situations and the different life experiences. Drae doesn't only write his own music but he also engineers and produces all of his material. for any inquires on booking or any other services contact Drae email: