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03/12/17 - 5PM - Rivertown String Band

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03/12/17 - 5PM - Rivertown String Band

Come enjoy an hour with the Rivertown String Band playing lively Irish reels, jigs, and songs, celebrating the Irish spirit.

From Alabama, Colorado, California and Nebraska, the Rivertown String Band members landed in Omaha and found one another in the early 1980s. Jenni Wallace, Kathy and Jim Wood, and Mindy Hunke connected based on their shared love for traditional folk music, ranging from American Old-Time to Scandinavian to Celtic. Owing to their eclectic taste and versatility, they are hard to pigeon-hole but when they play Celtic music, it has been said that they become a first rate Irish band. Wielding such instruments as a fiddle, hammered dulcimer, mandolin, guitar, bass, banjo and whistle, they evoke scenes of the Emerald Isle from the days of Turlough O’Carolan riding horseback with his harp right on up to the modern pub scene. Enthusiasm for the history and culture of the music ensure that audiences will get a dose of facts along with their fun.