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12/17/17 - 6PM - The Dinner Table Documentary

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12/17/17 - 6PM - The Dinner Table Documentary

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

The Dinner Table Documentary | Hotcombs & Sunday Dinners

The Dinner Table Documentary presents "Hotcombs & Sunday Dinners," an empowerment event for young girls of color. Special guests and everyday working women come together to have conversation and break bread with girls ages 11-18 with a commitment of passing the torch and inspiring the next great female leaders. Founded by media maker Asha Boston, The Dinner Table Documentary aims to positively shape the image of women of color juxtaposed to the often limiting portrayals perpetuated by reality tv and some mass media. 

About the Founder:

Asha Boston has jumped right into action; In 2014 she received a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and in the fall of 2016 completed HBX Core-- Harvard University's extended online business school. Her work resume includes companies like AMC, BET and most recently Media Information Services. However, it is through her journalism and documentary work that she is widely recognized. Asha has a passion for storytelling and has done so via platforms like Lifetime, Her Agenda, Teen Vogue, Madame Noire, VIBE,, Carib News and several others. As the President and CEO of Passion Fruit Vineyard Productions, she oversees all services for the documentaries The Dinner Table and A Time Before Kale.   In June of 2016, Asha was honored by the White House Council for Women and Girls as a "Nominated Change Maker" at the United State of Women Summit. In addition to her many endeavors, Asha currently works as a freelance Associate Producer at Bravo. This rising star with a passion for media wants to shine as a beacon of hope for what's possible when you marry talent, purpose and commitment. 

In association with its production partner Melody Fox Media for this year's annual "Hotcombs & Sunday Dinners" event, The Dinner Table Documentary is excited to bring its platform to The Living Stage of Hotel RL.