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10/10/17 - 7PM - Cathy Heller

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10/10/17 - 7PM - Cathy Heller

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

We are beyond honored that Cathy has chosen The Living Stage at Hotel RL Brooklyn to host a hometown event during her upcoming trip East!!! She'll be talking about what it takes to create a career you love and will allow plenty of time for Q and A and discussion with the group.

On her new, hit podcast, Don't Keep Your Day Job, Cathy invites guests to tell the strange and winding tales of how they got where they are. Creatives and entrepreneurs, across disciplines, who've achieved, and continue to maintain financial stability doing what they love for a living, are invited to indulge, with Cathy's enthusiastic encouragement, in recounting how it all came about. 

The differentiator for the show is Cathy's deep and genuine interest in her guests and their stories, and her passion to share as much information possible with her listeners. By the end of each episode, Cathy compiles a list of tangible action items, collected from the stories and details shared by the guest, which listeners can begin putting in to action for themselves right away. 

Mark your calendars for a fun, fascinating and invigorating evening with Cathy Heller!

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