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07/06/17 - 8PM - Hotel Bar Comedy Show

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07/06/17 - 8PM - Hotel Bar Comedy Show

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

Hotel Bar Comedy Show!
A night of stand-up and storytelling performed by some of NYC's top comedians, curated and hosted by Philip Markle. Come laugh your ass off. 
Performers (and prominent credits):

Steve Whalen (HBO)
Wes Haney (IFC, Annoyance Theatre)
Annie Donley (Annoyance Theatre, Poppin Off @ BRIC)
Zach Zimmerman (Second City, Annoyance Theatre)
Brian Pisano (Annoyance Theatre)
Meaghan Strickland (Annoyance Theatre)

And hosted by: Philip Markle (Blank The Musical, The Moth, Annoyance Theatre)