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06/24/17 - 4PM - Tracey B Wilson

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06/24/17 - 4PM - Tracey B Wilson

Hotel RL Brooklyn Bed Stuy

Event Description: A Presentation on the making of Heal This Way, followed by conversations with Tracey and some of the Little Monsters featured in the book and finally a dance party Lady Gaga would be sad to miss!

Book Description: "Lady Gaga's biggest fans share their raw emotions about coming out, bullying, thoughts of suicide, and the need for acceptance, in this inspirational new book. Quotes and letters are accompanied by stunning Little Monster portraits that invite you into the soul. This beautiful, thought provoking and often humorous book is geared to LGBTQ youth, teens yearning to fit in, and fans of pop culture. Lady Gaga's Little Monsters will inspire you to change the world."

Host/Author Bio: HEAL THIS WAY author/photographer Tracey B. Wilson is a true Renaissance Artist. Working professionally as an actor, photographer, filmmaker, comedian, and emcee, the through line of her work is the energy she brings to a project, and her belief in the human spirit. Ms. Wilson has worked on Lady Gaga's North American tours, giving high-energy rock-star photo shoots to the Little Monsters in a pre-show performance art event, sponsored by Virgin Mobile. Joining the Monster Ball Tour in the fall of 2009, and continuing with the Born This Way Ball, Tracey has had the privilege of showing thousands of Little Monsters how beautiful they truly are.