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2/4/17 - 7PM - CREDITO

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2/4/17 - 7PM - CREDITO

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

A uniquely versatile singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, Derrick Credito (known by his surname) handles both the acoustic and electric guitar with an uncannily equal elegance and intensity. He formed his first band when he was 15. Since first taking to the guitar, he gravitated toward a diverse range of playing styles including rock, bluegrass and jazz, having been introduced to the latter genre by Baltimore-area jazz guitar virtuosos Joe Decara and Graham Gold. Credito started recording demos of his own songs while studying vocal performance at Towson University, where he also sang in the school's Chorale Society. Around this time, he acquired his longtime signature acoustic guitar, an early-1960s Gibson Hummingbird. In the early 2000s, while living in East Asia, he became conversant in Thai, and performed pop and rock in Thai and English at bars and pubs throughout Thailand. Upon returning to Baltimore in 2008, he put his musical endeavors to the side while completing a Master degree in Fiction at the Johns Hopkins University. He began teaching college-level English composition in 2011 and within a year re-established a presence in multiple musical communities throughout Baltimore, collaborating with local artists accomplished in rock, folk, R&B and blues. Credito released "Blue Room Sessions EP" in early 2016, featuring "Can't Stop A Lady. In August of that year, Credito followed up with a retrospective acoustic album "Neither Fish Nor Fowl," encapsulating ten years of rare, unreleased material. Shortly after the CD's release, Credito teamed up with bassist/keyboardist Dave Godbey (of '70s Boston-area band Fox pass). A new full-length album, described as "an uptempo, fast moving rock record" is expected to follow in 2017.