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12/16/17 - 6PM - Imani Brown

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12/16/17 - 6PM - Imani Brown

Hotel RL Baltimore Inner Harbor

Imani Brown | “What’s Your Business?”

VENT!! Here is a place where we can spill our opinions and emotions on a platform! In a civil manner of course. In VENT, participants will be given a topic to discuss that will focus issues we see all around us (injustice, homelessness, relationships, domestic abuse, etc.) Anything that we relate to! The first session is called "Whats Your Business?" What are some ways

you can mind your business and stay out of drama or the negative things in your life? And then what are some ways minding your business can be productive and push you towards better goals and a better future? Each event will segue into a tool that will be beneficial to you, but I, as well as yourself, have to hold YOU accountable. I got some tricks up my sleeve, but you have to come to find out! It'll be worth it!!!